*"themselves", 3rd person pl. reflexive pronoun, e.g. *i neri tirir intë, "the men watch themselves". Intë is derived from earlier imte VT47:37. Conceivably intë is only used for "themselves" with reference to persons; impersonal "themselves" ought to be *inta or *intai, compare ta \#3, tai \#2. A form *intai might however have evolved into *intë by the Third Age like pl. adjectives in -ai later came to end in -ë, thus converging with the “personal” form.% In an earlier source, Tolkien listed intë as an emphatic pronoun *“they”, 3rd person plural VT49:48, 49; compare the pronominal ending -ntë. The word intë derived from inde via inze, an unusual development in Quenya also appears as a candidate 2nd person singular polite form VT49:49.

Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English). 2014.

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